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24 M



Short Specification                                       

2 x 150kW                              
Electrical motors 

Up to 1000 kWh (optional) 
Lithium batteries 
Included 50 kWh

Solar Panels

Charging capacity:
40 kW
200m2 panels 

200KWH / day 

Speed ranges:

Max.    : 12knots
Cruise : 10 knots
Solar.   :  6-8 knots unlimited fuel  free range 

Backup generators
2x 30 KW 3 fas 50hz ( 60 hz american)
400 volt / 220 volt                       


Length       24 m (80 ft)

Beam         12 m (46 ft)

Draft           2 m (6.5 ft)


Saloons                                 1

Guest Rooms                       5

Number of guests            10-12

Number of crew                2

Kitchen (Galley)                1


Diesel.        :  10m3
Freshwater : 4 m3
Grey water  : 3 m3
Blackwater. ; 3 m3

Range: Unlimited (solar powered)

Catagory A  Ocean 

MCA - LY2 complient for unristrected service 
Built to Lloyd approved drawings with approved steel



Introducing the all-new ocean going solar  steel explorer super yacht catamaran , built for autonomous unlimited  range as a CE A rated vessel.  She is built to charter class rules and is MCA-LY2 compliant for unrestricted service .This redefines eco-conscious cruising in luxury comfort and silence. And also excellent for charter with large space available and stable comfortable safe  stay which the catamarans are known for .

With a generous 12-meter beam, this vessel offers unparalleled space , boasting high volume interiors that are as grand as they are inviting.Its simply a floating palace , not experienced  in any yacht this size or even much larger.And with the length of 24 m (80ft), you are allowed to  drive yourself, no need for expensive captain and crew . Also its easy dock in marina with the bow and aft thrusters. And the raised pilothouse for good drive  view.Setting a new standard in sustainability, this super yacht harnesses the power of solar energy, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance your onboard experience. But the extravagance doesn't stop there.

Prepare to be amazed by the hydraulic platform that transforms into your own open-air beach club, perfect for soaking up the sun. Step inside the world of unparalleled elegance through an open-plan layout that seamlessly connects to  a sophisticated lavish saloon and dining, Unwind the sea breeze on owner room hydraulic activated front  balcony, where you can escape and revel in the beauty of the open ocean.

For those seeking going anywhere superyacht for world cruising in silent with no fuel cost  in the safety and stability of  outmost home comfort, this electric solar super yacht   is the right one .  featureing  4 VIP cabins and an owner suite that redefine luxury accommodation, ensuring every moment aboard is a retreat to remember. With own beachfront villa anywhere.Max speed is 12 knots , cruising speed 10 knots  and long journey  eco -speed at 8 knots.

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